The concept of VOYEURIZM was developed based on Voyeur Records. The fashion label carries through the Voyeur theme, featuring edgy graphics and silhouettes inspired by the iconic Voyeur Records logo. The VOYEURIZM line consists of T-shirts, polos, jackets, shirts, denims, caps, accessories and sneakers. Each piece is produced in limited quantities, heightening the exclusivity of the VOYEURIZM brand.

In October 2007, VOYEURIZM collaborated with Malaysia’s leading hip hop retailer Echo Park to release a mid-range VOYEURIZM X ECHO PARK street wear collection. This limited edition line is available exclusively at Echo Park stores nationwide and new items are added on a monthly basis.

The VOYEURIZM customer base is primarily male, between 15 – 30 years old. The clientele is very diverse, ranging from college students to musicians, actors, corporate executives, athletes and more.

VOYEURIZM is currently preparing to expand its fashion line through local and international collaborations. There are also plans to launch a VOYEURIZM female line in the near future.


  1. glade all of ya we're back.
    I like tha design. I'll keep on supporting.


  2. is it true that point gonna be in penang at 3)th May?